The Oscillating Tool: Your Environment-Friendly Handyman Partner

What makes an oscillating tool an environment-friendly handyman tool? Read on, and you’ll find out!

Less waste

Oscillating tools are perfect for any cutting job. With the right blade, you can use it in various applications. It can trim wood flooring and baseboards; cut off bolts and nails; flush-cut door jambs; grind tile adhesive; remove or clean grout; plunge-cut wood flooring; scrape away old caulk, glue, or paint; and cut wood, plastic, drywall, fiberglass, and metal. Because it’s efficient at what it can do, there would be fewer waste materials. You no longer have to cut new stuff over and over just to achieve what it should look.

Less energy


Some oscillating tools have variable-speed triggers, which provides users more choices on how fast the tool can cut. And since some of them can cut as high as 22,000 oscillations per minute (opm), it would mean that you can finish the task quick and save electricity. Of course, you should be sure that the right blade is attached to the tool.

This level of control can prevent burned work surfaces, clogged blades, and overloaded tools. All of these can also prevent you from wasting materials!

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The tool is also known to be a multitool. And because it can do multiple tasks, you’ll also be able to save equipment and space in your workshop. Owning too many tools isn’t eco-friendly because if they break or are no longer useful, they’ll add to the number of hazardous waste produced. If you have a single tool for cutting, sanding, grinding, scraping, and polishing, you’re helping save space and gear. Oscillating tools can work with metal, cement, drywall, wood, plastic, fiberglass, metal, and mortar, making it an ideal all-in-one tool for almost anything you have to repair or finish in the house. If you have this, you don’t need to own another sanding tool or another separate scraper.


You’ll also be happy to know that the oscillating tool isn’t bulky at all. It’s so handy you can take it anywhere with you! They even come in cordless models, so you could have better control without having to worry about the dangling cord. You only have to remember that cordless ones may be a bit heavier because of the batteries. Still, they aren’t that heavy.

In a Nutshell

Makita-TM3010CX1Apparently, an oscillating tool is a tool everyone needs. It’s efficient and versatile. I mean, just imagine the number of blades you can attach to it! There’s bi-metal blade for cutting rugged materials; there’s a wood-cutting blade for flush-cutting door jambs and undercutting baseboards; there’s a scraper accessory perfect for peeling off linoleum, dried-on glue, and an old carpet; and more! The possibilities can’t be counted. Seriously, if you have this, not only will you save money, time, and energy, you’ll also help the environment by just having one tool for different tasks! How impressive, isn’t? This tool is indeed a multitool.

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5 Ways to Make Your Swimming Pool Environmentally Friendly

The world is no longer in its best health condition because of various human-made inventions that have harmed it. However, there are tips on how to make almost everything sustainable—even pools.

Here are the ways you can make your pool participate in the green movement:

Opt for a saltwater pool.


This won’t turn your pool water into ocean water. It also doesn’t mean that there won’t be chemicals. What saltwater means in this context is that it is added to your pool. There’s also a particular generator that will produce chlorine in the most natural way. Chlorine, as well as other chemicals, are still necessary because salt can’t supply the sanitation component required in a closed water environment such as your backyard pool. The good news is saltwater can oxidize and burn up body oil, urine, and sunscreen, leaving your pool water crystal clear. Plus, you’ll use fewer chemicals if you go for a saltwater pool.

Purchase ultraviolet (UV) pool cleaners.

This cleaning process reduces the amount of chlorine and pool cleaners that are needed to keep your pool sanitary. In this process, a sterilizer will be installed and be placed between your pool filter and the water return line leading to your pool. These systems are just recently gaining popularity in the United States, but have been around for quite some time in other countries. These efficient cleaners use ultraviolet light (obviously) to get rid of chlorine byproducts.

Go for an ozone pool system.

Ozone pool systems work similarly to ultraviolet pool cleaners. They generate ozone through a kind of UV light. A circulation system then combines the ozone in the pool water, where it breaks down and removes the contaminants in the water. This type of system may still need chlorine, but at least the amount is decreased.

Use a robotic pool cleaner.


Installing a new type of pool system can be expensive and time-consuming, which means you may not be able to use your pool for quite some time. If you don’t have the money or the patience to wait, then you better get yourself a robotic pool cleaner. Here are the highest rated Hayward options of 2018 you can choose from. This cleaner needs no babysitting and can keep your pool spotless from the floor to the walls, and up to the stairs. They can remove debris and are easy to maintain because they have their own filter bag. They work independently from your pool system, which lengthens its life. A robotic pool cleaner can efficiently clean your pool without being a pain in the ass.

Opt for natural plant pools.


Nothing shouts “green” better than plants. These pools, called by Euros as “swimming ponds,” are also just starting their career in the U.S. They may have been popular in Europe, but not in America… at least not yet. The pool has a plastic type of liner, and then another area is built next to the pool. That area will then be planted with aquatic vegetation. The plants will serve as biological filters. The water is surprisingly clear, thanks to the self-cleaning system of the pool. The system is also easy to maintain and doesn’t even require a lot of money. The installation is just a tiny bit more expensive than typical pool designs, but it’s worth it because of the sustainability it brings.


4 of the Best Sustainable Living Apps To Have


Sustainable living can be daunting if you are just getting started. Building the habits to live greener is already a challenge in itself. Sustaining them for life is the tricky part. If you are thinking of embracing a green lifestyle and making your home more eco-friendly, choosing sustainable appliances is just one of the many things you can do. Here are just some of the best apps you can use to help you live a more sustainable life.

1. HowGood
What it does: HowGood is your guide to sustainable food shopping. It provides access to an extensive list of food products with the corresponding information to hellp you make informed buying decisions.
Download for: iOS and Android

2. iHuerting
What it does: Interested to grow your own urban garden? iHuerting will help you get started. Whether you are gardening outside or growing edibles indoors, this app provides you with handy tips and guides.
Download for: iOS and Android

3. iRecycle
What it does: This app demystifies recycling so you can properly dispose of recyclable items. iRecycle helps you find recycling locations near you.
Download for: iOS and Android

4. Love Food Hate Waste
What it does: Love Food Hate Waste is an app that can help you reduce food waste at home. It provides you with ideas on what tasty meals you can make from scratch using whatever ingredients at hand. YOu can use this app to make the most of the food you have at home and to create a shopping list that you can optimize in making your meals.
Download for: iOS and Android

Protecting The Environment From Home

green living

We all know how Mother Nature is doing nowadays. We also know how it affects us nowadays.

Because as much as we’d like to deny it, the fact remains that air pollution and water pollution have already taken a serious toll on Mother Nature. Because as much as we’d like to deny it, the fact remains that air pollution and water pollution have already taken a serious toll on us.

And the worst thing? We, humans, caused this toll on Mother Nature. We, humans, caused this toll on ourselves.

Thus, it’s only right for us to ask ourselves: How can we ease Mother Nature’s suffering? How can we ease our suffering?

You see, there’s always a way for us to protect the environment. You also see, there’s always a way for us to protect the environment from home.

You can do this by:

Filling Your Home With Indoor Plants

The reason for this is quite simple. This is for you to make your home abundant with fresh air without the need to go outside, especially for those who prefer staying indoors all the time. What’s more, filling your home with indoor plants will not only promote a green environment for short-term use. Even more, filling your home with indoor plants will promote a green lifestyle for long-term use.

Buying Products That Are Made Locally

Local products are not just known for their health benefits. Local products are also known for their (1) economic benefits, with their affordable rates; and their (2) environmental benefits, with their sustainable effects. Even more so, local products raise more awareness on the importance of Mother Nature – not just for a select few, but also for a vast lot.

How about you?

Do you know any other means to protect the environment? Do you know any other ways to protect the environment from home?

Or more specifically, how to remove ozone from air?

Let us know in the comments section below!