Going Shady in Shadow Fight 3

Using a hack to get better at Shadow Fight 3 is just as essential as taking care of the environment. If the latter is for everyone else’s and next generation’s benefit, then the former is for your own benefit. Because sometimes you just have to think of yourself too you know. Besides, staying in playing Shadow Fight 3 is a lot better than going out for a ride and contributing to the air pollution with your car, right?

What is Shadow Fight 3?


The game is the latest version of game developer Nekki’s Shadow Fight. It has taken a major step from being a great application to one superb, awesome, fantastic one. It’s free to download regardless of what operating system your tablet or phone has.

Compared to Shadow Fight 2, this edition has enhanced graphics and effects and has a new but exciting look. The gameplay’s pretty much the same—you fight, upgrade your weapons using gold coins or gems, and beat the boss. However, you’ll be pleased to know your avatar will have a face this time.

If before you were just a shadow, in this version, you’ll get to personalize the way your avatar looks. However, the options are limited, or should I say, so limited. You’re only allowed to select the color of your avatar’s hair, its hairstyle, and its face type. And that’s it. Still, it’s better than being a faceless shadow. You’ll cover that face and hair with a helmet anyway.

And because you’re no longer a shadow, the “shadow” part of the game has become an ability. Yep, shadow powers are a thing now, and they’re awesome. You don’t get to use them all the time in the game, which makes Shadow Fight 3 more challenging.

What are the currencies?

gold-coins-gems-shadow-fight-3To upgrade your stuff, you’ll need to collect gold coins and gems. These two can be used to buy new weapons and armor so that it would be easier for you to defeat your seemingly unbeatable opponents. In case you don’t like waiting for you to have sufficient gold or gem for an upgrade, you can always use your real cash to buy the currencies online. However, for most of us, buying online using real money is not an option. To solve the problem, hackers have developed generators to help you earn boundless gems and gold coins to help you upgrade as much as you want. But be cautious because there are fake hacks out there. If you want the real one, trust only the generator in https://shadowfight3hack.info/.

A Shady Act

shadow-fight-3-hackTo use the generator in that site, just visit the hack page and apply by entering your username, selecting your OS, choosing the amount of gold and gems you want to get, and verifying that you’re a human. It’s as easy as that! So, if you’re running out of currencies, remember that you don’t have to spend real money immediately. You can go a bit shady in this Shadowy game after all.