Mission & Vision

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We are Lorax Development group. We are not your ordinary home builders. Our intention is not to only gain profits but also use our knowledge in helping our Mother Earth to thrive and survive the harshness of the present reality. Read through these articles to have idea what we are fighting for:

  1. Solving the Energy Problem
  2. Energy Challenges
  3. Energy Crisis


To build houses equipped with renewable energy sources. Lorax Development build homes suitable for families to make them comfortable and a home that they’ll be proud of. We want our houses to be convenient and affordable as much as possible. Our mission is to enable humans to live and walk on a healthy planet by using technology advancement to support and protect our environment.


Create a safe and energy efficient communities. We will not stop until our reality is realized by all people. Our vision is to see a good future for everyone by taking action as early as possible. We are not limited building homes but also building a wonderful environment by preserving it and protecting it from possible damages due to negligence.

Get to know more about what we do. It’s not too late to change the way we are building homes. Remember that Earth is our home as well. We need to cherish and protect it against possible damages as we continue to inhabit it.